Writing Bouts and Writer Burble

by Big World Writing Club Moderator A1

When writers get together, in person or on-line, the natural result is Writer Burble. After all, most of the people we know are not writers, and when we finally meet up with members of our own Folk, Tribe, Family or Ilk, we have a lot of catching up to do.

Writer burble can run the gamut from “what are you reading and how do you like it and what do you think of it technically” to “what are you writing and what kind of backtalk is it giving you” to “shall we sit down and generate a whole mess of crazy prompts and see if we can actually write a story incorporating any of these.”

Don’t laugh at that last one. I’ve personally gotten whole novels out of arbitrary crazy prompts, by throwing a whole lot of apparently unrelated stuff I truly love into a bucket and seeing what crawls back out again come NaNoWriMo. It works, too.

Writer Burble, like all treats, requires portion control. I like to layer it with writing bouts, you know, like chocolate and peanut butter (substitute a parfait of other treats if you’re allergic to either or both of those). Writing bouts are timed, and are all about Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard/Pen/Chisel, Story Downloading Now (picture one of those little glowing progress bars, the ones that lie like demons but we watch anyway). Thirty minutes of writing bout, followed by thirty minutes of writer burble. That’s my formula, but not everybody’s, which is why our write-in suggestions include bringing headphones or earplugs; then you can fine-tune your personal balance of Bout and Burble.

What’s your optimal mix of Bout and Burble?

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