Brain Sisters and Brain Brothers

by Big World Writing Club Moderator A1

They are the ones who look nothing like you, but after five minutes it seems that you’ve known each other all your lives, and it’s a mystery to both of you how you fell out of touch.

They are the ones who finish your sentences better than you could have finished them yourself.

They are the ones who laugh in the same wrong places that you do, get angry at the same things, see the world from forty-five degrees away so that the difference throws new light on old things.

They are the ones you entrust with beta-reading the story or essay that you aren’t sure about, the one that tells maybe a little bit too much truth, and they come back to you after those wracking days of doubt and they say, “Sister, you nailed it.”

They are your Brain Sisters and Brain Brothers, your secret siblings no matter the color of the wrapper or the time you came into the world or the geographical separation of your biological mothers.

And the funny thing is… after a while you start to look like you’re related, too.

At least to each other.

Do you have a Brain Sister or Brain Brother in your writing life?

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