Croosh Manoosh

by Big World Writing Club Moderator A2

A little bit of croosh manoosh (crucial minutiae) from around the intrawebz:

  • One of the things we talk about in Big World Writing Club is how people can use writing groups to help them with academic writing projects (theses, dissertations, manuscripts, articles, etc.). If you are a faculty member, or an alt-ac, or just need to get er done in an academic way, you may want to consider the Summer 2012 Writers’ Bootcamp.
  • “I’m not sure anyone else could take material like posthuman politics, kinky sex and body modification, and explicit metaphors for the abortion debate and euthanasia, and turn it all into a heartrending love story, but Jennifer Pelland nails the dismount every time.” That’s what NK Jemesin, Hugo-nominated author says about Machine by Jennifer Pelland. I’m intrigued. Are you?
  • Over at Role/Reboot, Laurel Hermanson asks, “Why aren’t there more female authors?”
  • Nnedi Okorafor won a World Fantasy Award and says, “If Lovecraft’s likeness and name are to be used in connection to the World Fantasy Award, I think there should be some discourse about what it means to honor a talented racist.”
  • The on-going problem of race in young adult fiction.
  • Brainstorming apparently doesn’t really work. At least, that’s what Jonah Lehrer says over at The New Yorker. What do you think?

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