#TCWriteEvents: Politics, History, and Anger in Writing

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Viet Thanh Nguyen and the cover of his novel The Sympathizer

The Loft is offering a reading and special class session with novelist and professor Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Register for Politics, History, and Anger in Writing on May 18.

Politics, history, and anger—all are important to writing, and yet all three pose challenges to the writer, threatening to overwhelm both the writer and the writing. This class looks at some examples of writers of poetry and fiction who have not backed away from politics, history, and anger, and considers some aesthetic approaches to these issues. This class also affirms the necessity felt by some writers that their work can and must confront these issues, especially in the face of a contemporary literary environment that sometimes discourages such concerns. We will look at a few short pieces by established writers and spend some time writing in class.

Nguyen’s first novel, The Sympathizer, was recently reviewed by the New York Times.

Learn more about Nguyen over at LitHub and The Loft Writers Block Blog.

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