Morning Pages

Several months ago, a colleague on Facebook talked about Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. In the spirit of full disclosure, I haven’t actually read The Artist’s Way yet. But my colleague talked about “morning pages” and that stuck with me for all these months.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of morning pages, here’s a quick intro:

I am currently on Day 7 of doing morning pages. Cameron says to write three pages, but I’m not married to that. I just write whatever I want, and it’s there. I think if I were to nag myself over the length, it wouldn’t get done. So I just write.

I did buy a new journal just for this purpose because…well, because reasons. I’m a writer and a paper products nerd, and do I really need a specific reason?

So far, it’s working. Sometimes, it’s only 15 minutes in the morning before or after I wash up the dishes, or clean out the cats’ litter boxes, or do any of the other things that qualify as “adulting.”

So, hopefully, I’ll keep going. Another friend of mine talks about how quickly your brain tries to fight the impulse to write. It says to you, “You want to WRITE? Like, write write? Not just think about writing?”

Morning pages are working for me as a way to just get my butt in the chair. So far, so good. When I’ve hit the wall, I just write about the wall.

Are you doing morning pages? Have you read The Artist’s Way? If so, would you recommend it as a resource for writing practice and process?

[Header image credit: Kayann Ausherman, From Victory Road]

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