The State of My Kindle

Depending on how you look at it, the state of my Kindle is either sad or hours of excitement waiting to happen.

I feel like it’s a little bit of both. I’m sad because I am just now getting to the oodles of samples and full books stored on it. I’m excited because, well…having scores of books to read in your near future is always a good time.

Sometimes, I feel like the state of my Kindle mirrors the state of my brain. I’ve always considered myself an avid reader. Lately, life has been real real, and I notice that when there’s a lot going on out there, I don’t make nearly as much time to tend to the inner life of my imagination, which includes my commitment to reading.

Nerdiness aside, I notice that I feel better when I make time to read. Less distracted in general. There’s something about taking a few minutes (or hours) to disconnect from the world and immerse yourself in another one.

Reading gives me a chance to pause.

If you were to take a look at my Kindle, you’d see that I’ve been moving at the speed of light, but I’m working on it.


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